To cover:

The Difference between Posts and Pages

Pages are for static content (ordered by your menu/navigation).  Posts are for blog posts (typically they are ordered by post date).
Posts also work well for audio (podcast) or video uploads. You just embed the audio or video into the post from your audio (aka podbean, libsyn) or video server (youtube).

How to Add a Post

Go to Posts on the Left Sidebar
Click Add New
Enter Title in the Top Title Field
Do Not Click “Use the Visual Builder”
Type away in the TinyMice (visual) editor or…
Toggle on the “Paste as Text” feature, then copy/paste your content from Word.
You need to use the fields on the left such as “paragraph”, “heading 1”, etc. to change the styling of your font. This is a standard web convention that trips people up, but ensures uniformity amongst the content on your site.  (You can always override this using HTML if need be).
Left to right on the various functions
Bolding, italicize, bullets, numbering, block quote, add/remove links are all on the top bar
You have to click “Toolbar Toggle” to view the other toolbar options like font color, strikethrough, indenting, etc.
Make sure to hit the “Update,” “Save Draft,” or “Publish” Button to save changes
The preview button is helpful to show you what the live version will look like.  Sometimes you’ll want to adjust the paragraph spacing or image alignment once you see this.