Bourne, Oregon

Mining Ghost Town

Bourne, Oregon Ghost Town

A short 7 mile drive outside the town of Sumpter, Oregon, Bourne is easily accessed by driving up the road along Cracker Creek.  There are still many cabins alive in Bourne; some inhabited while others have fallen into disrepair.  


Originally named “Cracker,” Bourne officially became a town in 1895 when it received a post office, being named after Senator Jonathan Bourne, Jr. of Portland, who owned and operated two mines nearby (source:


According to Howard Brooks, “Mines along the North Pole Columbia Lode near Bourne, six miles north of Sumpter, produced about $8,000,000 in gold and silver during [the time period] 1894-1916.”

To Get There

    • Starting from the town of Sumpter, drive west on Highway 410 towards the town of Granite.
    • In .5 miles, turn right on Cracker Creek Road.
    • Cracker Creek Road turns to dirt in short order.
    • Stay on Cracker Creek road for 6 miles, winding gently uphill along Cracker Creek.  You’ll know you’ve hit Bourne once you start seeing the cabins and buildings in this article.
    • Note: Accessible by snowmobile only in Winter


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